Club Penguin-Lifeguard Jacket Special Dance

The Lifeguard jacket has a Special Swim Dance…Try it out!

  • Take “all” clothing items off, including shoes.
  • Click on your dance button.


lifeguard outfit

*Credit to Mario 9286 for reminding me about this move.*

Happy Swimming,
Posh (Monkeypod44)



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5 responses to “Club Penguin-Lifeguard Jacket Special Dance

  1. Monkey this is a personal comment and i just wanted to say im really sorry. The day i said that you were mean was one of those day that i just need to talk to some one. And when i saw you were on i wanted to talk to you. When you said that you were on you IM and talking to pinkey i thought you might want me to go. so i asked. And i thought you would say “No” but i was wrong. so when you said “yes, please go” i was kind of mad at you for saying that. Im sorry for saying that you were mean, today when i think about it you were not and just wanted to talk. i took it the wrong me so please forgive me. And please tell Sweetcorn to forgive me. Thank you and i wont EVER do it again to anybody. Please forgive me-Moose
    ( I love you all as great friends)

  2. Moose,

    I did not take it personally. It takes a lot to make me angry and this is one that I would never get angry about. I try to be understanding really…I was a little confused as to why you were calling mean in the first place. I’m sorry if I was not able to talk to you. It’s really difficult to talk about anything on Club Penguin especially with all the filters and so I didn’t realize you needed to talk. Don’t take it to heart…I already forgave you before you apologized…You’re a good friend. 🙂

    Posh (Monkeypod44)

  3. Thanks do much. I didnt take it to heart just thought and was worried that you were mad at me. The only thing is i dont know why Sweetcorn is mad at me and i asked her if it was cuz what i said and she just said to leave and stop talking or some thing like that. So i just need some one to talk to her. If you could that would be great. Thanks-Moose

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  5. Dear Monkey,
    This is Moose writing to tell you why i will not be on Club Penguin until July 11. All i can say is that I have some school to finish, and im going to work all day and maybe into the night to get it done. I do school at home,thats why im not doing it at public school. And no im not a geek. Im just the same as anybody else. But with me not liking school it makes it hard for me to get it done. Thats why i have to give up Club Penguin for that time. When i get back on all my school will be done so i can be on Club Penguin longer!! And i dont know if i told you but (get ready for this!!) i WILL be a MEMBER when i come back to Club Penguin.So thats what i can tell you about my leaving. And dont worry ill be on, you’ll see me. It’s not like im LEAVING for good just for a couple days. Please post this on Pinkey’s Peng Space and tell her that ill see her too. Thanks and i hope to see you soon. Good-Bye for now, your the BEST friends i could ever find on Club Penguin!!! HUGZ!!- Moose

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