Club Penguin Igloo List Upgrade & DJ Game Spoiler

Countdown until the Music Jam ’08 Party…Two more days to go! Well, to top it all off, remember this? Here’s a hint…that little box in the middle of the night club stage marked fragile. Club Penguin is launching a new DJ game this coming Friday, July 25th as a new addition to mini-games on Club Penguin. Look Biggy, a DJ game! I know you’ve always wanted a DJ party but maybe this game is a start.
DJ Game-Under Construction

DJ Game-Under Construction

DJ Game Spoiler

DJ Game Spoiler

The DJ game is an interactive game that allows you to make your own music. It sounds exciting…now I wonder if they will ever allow us to create our own music for use in our igloo. Anyways, I did ask Club Penguin that question just the other day but I have not heard from support yet. Hopefully, they will take it into consideration in the near future.


Igloo List Update

Igloo List Upgrade

Igloo List Upgrade

 Two big concerns of the new features with the igloo list was that not all of the open igloos would show up on the map and scrolling through each of the igloos was more of a hassle than it was worth. To fix this problem, Club Penguin has added a handy list to make it easier to find open igloos.

That’s it for now, wait for my next posting on Newspaper highlights as well as the long-awaited Music Jam Party this Friday.

~Posh (Monkeypod44)~

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