Club Penguin Music Jam ’08 & Free Items

Club Penguin has outdone themselves with the Music Jam ’08 Party. In my opinion, one of the best party so far. Each room has been cleverly decorated to suit a music theme and each boasting activities to do (simply press or test out buttons wherever you find it). Here are the schedules and themes for each room:


Free Items

There are two free items being given out at the music party: A pair of maracas (an item return) which you can find at the cove and  a music jam ’08 party t-shirt that can be found at the plaza.



Music Jam '08 TShirt-Plaza

Music Jam '08 TShirt-Plaza


Items (Members)

Purchase your backstage pass at the snow fort. You can use this pass to enter the VIP room located behind the stage at the dock.

Backstage Pass-Snow Fort

Backstage Pass-Snow Fort

Backstage Access-Dock

Backstage Access-Dock

VIP Room-Backstage

VIP Room-Backstage

Music Catalog (Hidden Item)

If you do not currently have the red electric guitar, you can find it hidden in the music catalog located in the VIP room. Click on the “I” under the title “music catalog”. The catalog also contains music return items which you can play by pressing your “dance” button.

Red Electric Guitar (Hidden)

Red Electric Guitar (Hidden)

This concludes my posting for this month’s Music Jam ’08 event, I may add more to this posting later when time permits. Have a fantabulous time at the party!

~Posh (Monkeypod44)~


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2 responses to “Club Penguin Music Jam ’08 & Free Items

  1. Hey monkey, awesome post!! Don’t forget to comment on my site. Also I’m having a contest on my site with awesome prizes!!

  2. cazloveshaz

    this is cool but are there any ways of getting these items now?

    please say there is
    and if u no then PLEASE do NOT ignore me!!


    clubpenguin user: cazloveshaz

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