Club Penguin New Pin & Clothing Catalog August 2008, Penguin Band

New Pin

The new pin (August 1 2008) is found at the night club and hidden under the green puffle. (See image below)

August 1, 2008

Vinyl Record Pin: August 1, 2008

 Clothing Catalog (Members)

 The new items found in the catalog are a combination of clothing: suit (boy), dress (girl), shoes, and a black/brown leather man jacket (item return). There are also jewelry items available for purchase, two of which are hidden. Check below for clues on where to find them. The fireman outfit has also been brought back. Click on the “Penguin Style Catalog” below to view what’s in store without logging on.

New Backgrounds

New Backgrounds

Clothing Catalog Hidden Items

 Here are the hidden items found in the clothing catalog. Credit to Wottles for helping me find the hidden jade necklace and mixed bracelets.

*Click on the light blue shirt of Glacier Suit*

Jade Necklace

Jade Necklace

*Click on Elvis Wig*

Red/Blue Viking Helmet

Red/Blue Viking Helmet

*Click on shoe sole or white button on pink guitar*

Mixedd Bracelets

Mixedd Bracelets

*Click on the top left purple section of the purple and white shield*

Woodsman Hat

Woodsman Hat

*The divers helmet was also a hidden item but it seems to have been removed*

Penguin Band Update

If you haven’t received your background from the penguin band yet…you have your chance again on August 1st and 2nd. They’ll be visiting the VIP rooms on random full servers. Make sure you purchase your VIP passes at the snow forts first.


That’s it for my posting, don’t forget to take a peak at the telescope located at the beacon to see Rockhopper’s ship on its way towards Club Penguin island.

~Posh (Monkeypod44)~


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4 responses to “Club Penguin New Pin & Clothing Catalog August 2008, Penguin Band

  1. hey monkey just wanted to tell you that the mexican background is not new… so i thought id just tellyou that cuz i have had that back gournd before now… its ok cuz alot of blog are saying its new and i tell them all the same thing… so its really ok!! HUGZ ttyl-moose

  2. Missarctic13

    Hi I think what would be cool is a day where penguins can have fun with friends and where pjs, play games, go for walks, play at a fair, win prizes, have awesome foods, and maybe jump on a big trampolin. Plus what would be really cool would be if penguins could eat, so puffles can eat, why can we.

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  4. Hey!!!
    I had never heard of this fashion and it sounds, well seems, really interesting to have fun in leisure times.
    Where can get more information on this and how can I join ,as a member, to the club?
    By the way, this is a very very nice blog.

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