About Me

Hi There!

Hello, I’m the owner of this blog. I am a member on CP. I love my crazy beautiful Club Penguin friends…I would never think that I would grow attached to these people but I have…they mean a lot to me.  My favorite server is Frozen but I also enjoy waddling around random empty servers preferably powder ball since it’s always empty. I am also a mod at BiggyP’s site.  Currently, I am working hard to build this blog.



20 responses to “About Me

  1. Wottles rox on making cool stuff :mrgreen:

  2. wottles

    LOL! Hey Jf10… thnx! You rock!

  3. flamez8

    hi Wottles 😀

  4. stipstep

    Wottle is my friend

  5. juanakajf10

    Hola! It’s me Jf. 🙂 Could I be staff? All I would do is edit the new pin thing :mrgreen:

  6. cool. can I join the staff?
    add me on yahoo.. =)


  7. starwars476

    stipsteps my friend and i almost got to be wottles is buddy!

  8. Liv

    awesome site!! 😀

  9. brittyboo95

    hey email me back but I have about 4000 coins and i cant buy anything cause im not a member, so i was wondering if u could start giving out free club penguin member ships, cause i might stop playing on here cause theres nothing to do if you cant buy anything, other than that club penguin rocks!

  10. Hi brittyboo95…I will be bringing back membership contests to this site. I’m working on adding more pages to this site as soon as I’m done, I’ll announce them.

  11. starwars476

    ooohh no

  12. germpuppy

    this is mead

  13. how do i make a header???
    Wottles, when i see u on cp please tell me.

  14. Hi Stipstep!

    Wottles is a genius when it comes to graphics. You can also find him on Pengspace…he has a page there.

  15. i know i am hid buddy on cp

  16. add me to ur blog roll moose did

  17. starwars476

    Stipstep hi hello yo

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