Comic Relief

This Page will contain funny pictures and comics retrieved from others and Club Penguin.


These are pictures I retrieved from Wottles’ page…I thought they were pretty funny, so I stole :O…I meant borrowed from him. o_O

Delete Penguin


This is Why Im Hot


I think Mobs had too much to drink earlier because he couldn’t hold it any longer. Unfortunately, he had to relieve himself at the Ski lodge attic fountain… “I hope it doesn’t seep into Club Penguin’s drinking water :S

Mobs releiving himself

Mobs releiving himself

Credit to Crow360
You\'re Banned

Fire burns

Look out below!
spits on peng


Club Bunny?

Klutzy the Crab

Video by Jf10: A Knight’s Tail

Weeee 😀

2 responses to “Comic Relief

  1. Mobs


  2. LOL! Spits out water…I’m not drinking anything around Club Penguin again, only bottled water for me. xD

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