Club Penguin: Mission 8 Guide

Mission 8: Mysterious Tremors Video Guide/Tutorial



Mission 8: Mysterious Tremors (Written Guide/Tutorial)

Step1: Headquarters & Introduction

  • Accept Mission 8 Challenge
  • Talk to G: He will you give the low-down on what is happening
  • Retrieve tan-colored “hat” hanging on the coat rack (left side of G)
  • Retrieve “wooden hammer” next to wrench on the wall

Step 2: Meeting Herbert the Polar Bear & Klutzy the Crab

  • Go to the dock (Use Map)
  • Talk to the Herbert until he drops his pieces of paper (plan)
  • Retrieve Klutzy’s green lantern (place it in your inventory)
  • Follow the flying pieces of paper to the town and snow fort
  • Click on the paper when it lands on the flag in the snowfort. Follow it until it lands on a penguin’s newspaper. Talk to that penguin.
  • Pick up pizza at the pizza parlor and trade it for his newspaper
  • Go to the Coffee Shop and pick up spilled cookies for a penguin. Once completed he will give you a cookie (place it in your inventory)

 *This is what you should have in your inventory so far*
mission8-inventory 1

  • Look for a “green puffle” in front of the town: Put on his propellor (tan) hat and give him the cookie. He will retrieve the other half of the piece of paper for you.
  • Pick up the piece of paper (place it in your inventory)

Step 3: Rescuing the Gift Shop

  • Retrieve “cream soda barrel” in the lighthouse (talk to the penguin pushing a barrel, if he does not give you one, you may try clicking on one of the barrels). (Place in your inventory) Be careful not to shake the barrel!
  • Retrieve a “box of balloons” in the lighthouse by the stage (talk to the penguin) (place in your inventory)
  • Retrieve “netting” in the lighthouse (place in your inventory)
  • Retrieve “box of wooden nails” in the sportshop (place in your inventory)
  • Retrieve “helium tank” in headquarters (Gadget room): Talk to G for permission to use it. (Place in your inventory)

Step 4: Raising the Gift Shop

You can actually raise the gift shop without doing this step but since it is part of the mission. Here it is:

  • Go to the dock and click on the hole where Herbert and Klutzy appeared
  • You will see two cave entrances. Use your paper (two pieces) as your guide. Follow the directions carefully. Start with the paper on your left, if it says right: take the right tunnel, then “x” out. Next, click on the paper on your right, if it says left : take the left tunnel, then “x” out. Repeat this step until you get to the last step which should be the paper on your right and the very last word.
  • You will reach what looks to be the “back of the Gift Shop” underground
  • entrance to gift shop

  • Blow up a balloon with your helium tank and place it back in your inventory
  • Take out the soda barrel and shake it
  • Place it right under the shop. It should raise up
  • Now quickly: Go back to the town using your map.
  • Place your “blown up balloon” on the right side of the building. It will lift up:

balloon and heliumballoon

  • Place “net” under the building and hold it in place with “wooden nails”
  • Use the “wooden hammer” to pound them in place
  • Talk to the penguins in front of the shop
  • Step 5: Entering the Hole/Cavern

  • Go to the dock where the bear and klutzy came out of the hole and enter it
  • Click on the entrance where you will see a piece of pipe sticking out of the ceiling enter it
  • You will see two cave entrances: Use the two pieces of paper as a guide to lead you to the polar bear
  • *Start with the paper on the left then right, following one word at a time. Keep on doing this until you reach the end of the cave (take your time)*
    mission 8 paper

    Bonus Item (optional): To earn a gift

    • Before going into the boiler room, you will see Herberts machine
    • Take out your wrench in your “spy phone/gadget”
    • place it over the gear in his machine. (See Below)
    • Place the gear in your inventory

    Step 6: Last Meeting with Herbert and Klutzy

    • Talk to the Polar Bear: He will hit the pipes and run off
    • Answer your Spy phone and talk to G
    • Put the pipes together starting from the top (connect them by clicking on any square based on the pipes) to the bottom right
    • See Below:
      boiler example

    • Answer your Spy phone and return back to headquarters (Gadget room)
    • Talk to G
    • Give “gear” item to G
    • g and the gear

    •  You have completed Mission 8: Retrieve your “medal” and “gift”. Click complete mission.
    • gift item

    -Club Penguin Mission 8 Guide

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    3. thanks that help me a lot 🙂

    4. clubpenguinrocks

      hey thanks a million theres no way i could have done this without you– you totally rock my socks WAY off!! you go, girl! stay strong!

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    6. cutieX0X0

      omg!!! thnxx sooo much couldnt have done it wit out theguide… believe me i tried!! lol thnxx:)))))

      Editor: You’re very welcome cutieXOXO, that’s what this site is for.

    7. Neil

      Hey thank alot for the guide. I could not have finished the mission without it. Thanks

    8. Thanks for the mission 8 guide, but when i reach the picking up the cookie part, it doesn’t load. What’s the problem?

    9. Are you putting them directly into the jar? Make sure you collect all the cookies. Let me know if you have any other questions. And your welcome, I’m glad I could help you out.

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