Club Penguin Music Jam 2008 Sneak Peek

Club Penguin again is working hard to make the “Music Jam” occuring on July 25, 2008 a success. Here is a sneak peek of what’s in store. The stage shown below looks to be taking place at the forest, a country music theme? Also, if you haven’t noticed the construction going on at the stage in the night club, go and check it out. The box in the center of the stage gives us a clue of what the next new game will be like.


Music Jam 2008 Spoiler: Forest

~Posh (Monkeypod44)~

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Club Penguin New Features & Glitches

Well, the new features are here. It looks like Club Penguin has upgraded there standards dramatically. However, there are still a lot of glitches in the system that needs to be fixed. Some people are happy with the new change but there are some that are not too keen about it either. Here is a walk through of new features and glitches that I found:

Personalized Log In

Personalized Login

Suggested servers based on login record & friends

You can always access all the servers by clicking on the yellow tab on the bottom right hand corner of your suggested servers. The only difference: the servers are no longer divided by countries.
New Screen Items
Screen Changes
Screen Changes

 If you haven’t noticed already, there are new additions and changes to your screen:

  1. Spy phone: The spy phone is now located on the bottom left hand corner of your screen, above your map.
  2. Penguin Mail: All postcards are now retrievable via “Penguin Mail” (Don’t forget to pick up your “Your Mail Bag-Free Item).
  3. Friend Request: what was once the postcard is now the “friend request”.
  4. Friends Online: This little “smiley” now informs you which friend just logged on.
Blue Mail Item (Free Item)
Located in your Penguin Mail

Located in your Penguin Mail


There is also a free item. Click on your “Penguin Mail” located on the top left hand corner of your screen. It should be the “first postcard” that you received.
Penguin Mail
Penguin Mail

Penguin Mail

New Puffle Adoption Postcard

New Puffle Adoption Postcard

Sending postcards has just gotten easier. It’s now a flip of a book and scrolling through your buddy list offline and online. Also if you haven’t notice, there are also new postcards added as well as the old postcards with a different look.

Player Card Improvement

New Player Card Upgrade

New Player Card Upgrade

 This is actually one of my favorite upgrade. This feature now makes it easier to find your clothing item without having to scroll through eacha page. Definitely a keeper!

Open Igloos

Open Igloos

Open Igloos

Instead of the usual list of open igloos that you normally see, igloos now show as the image above. Three Negatives about it is that:

  1. Not all the open igloos will be displayed.
  2. It is now more difficult to look through the igloos. You actually have to go through each and every igloo to find out who it belongs to.
  3. The worse: With the new upgrade of the “Come to my party”  postcard. If you cannot find an igloo on the list, not a friend, and they send you a card, there is NO “GO THERE” box that can take you to a non-buddy igloo.

Green Puffle

Green Puffle at the Ice Rink

Green Puffle at the Ice Rink

Remember the green puffle located at the night club? Well, he can now be found playing hockey at the ice rink. If you stand “ON” the left side of the red circle in the middle of the rink, he will do his little hover trick, it looks like he’s hovering over you. Try it out.

Other upgrades also include the new snow forest background around your igloo and the new “save” button (disk) to save your igloo design.

The Mountain: The mountain on your map is now called “Ski Hill”

Finding Friends: Click on the “question mark” on your friend’s player card.

Penguin change: You are now able to see how your actual penguin looks like when you are changing. You can also view others as they change their clothing items.

Puffle Stats: You are no longer able to view the names and status of other penguin’s puffles.


Glitches and Bugs

Now here is the fun part, with every new upgrade, feature added there are also glitches and bugs that needs to be worked on. Here is what I have discovered so far:

  • Read your paper sideways or backwards: Simply face sideways or backward and open your paper. Others can see this.
  • Talk in “non-chat servers”: Yes, you can actually talk in non-chat servers now. (May be fixed soon)
  • Blank bubble chat: Click on your chat bar (make sure line is on chat bar-do not type anything) and press enter:
Blank Bubble Chat

Blank Bubble Chat

  • Unlimited Buddies: You can now accept as many buddies as you want without the 100 buddy limit. One drawback is that, all your buddies will not show on your list. My buddy list only goes up to the letter “S” anyone else below that will not show on my buddy list. But don’t worry they were not deleted there names just does not show.

 Bugs Found

Strange Puffle in my igloo/Missing Puffles

 Some of you may have found a puffle in your iggy that you did not purchase. I found this black puffle in my igloo on the first day of the upgrade. When clicked on this is what it showed. It will not allow you to feed, play, or bathe it. I left and came back and it changed into a different color. Some of you may have noticed your puffles missing or with this name as well.

Undefined Puffle

Undefined Puffle


Missing Postcards

Missing Postcards

  • When looking for friends: Status shows as “In their igloo” when they are not.
  • Rugs in igloo out of place: No longer able to place under table. 

Glitches Fixed

There are the glitches that have been fixed with the new upgrage. Sorry guys, I knew one day Club Penguin will get rid of it:

  1. Nubbing: You can no longer nub. Well, sort of, you cant still walk behind your chat bar by walking pass it.
  2. Dance with diffferent clothes glitch: You can no longer do the robot dance, or other dances. Club Penguin fixed it.

That’s all my posting for today, I wanted to post this earlier but did not have the time to do so. I will keep updating this post and new findings arise. I hoped you all are enjoying the new upgrades as well as finding new bugs, lol!

~Posh (Monkeypod44)~

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Club Penguin Temporarily Down: Features Ready To Launch, New Games Update

If you have tried logging on to Club Penguin, you may have noticed that the website is temporarily down. No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Club Penguin is working on the new updates to improve our gaming experience. Here is what to expect when it re-opens:

  • Server selection (this one you’ll notice when you’re logging into Club Penguin)
  • Penguin Mail (click the envelope on the top left screen to try it out)
  • Player Card redesign (check out the sorting function)
  • Igloo background

Stay patient…it will all be worth the wait! As always if you want to read the full article, click on the image above.

 New Club Penguin Video Game

Another video game promoting Club Penguin, yes, another way to earn there money’s worth in my opinion. But if you enjoy playing Club Penuin then here you go. This new game will be available to Nintendo DS and will also be available for purchase during the holiday season. It’s a great gift idea for the Club Penguin addict. Click on the image below for the full article:

Elite Penguin Force

Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force

That’s it for my posting today. I can’t wait to see Club Penguin’s new feature as soon as it’s up and if you can’t see the new features when you first log in don’t forget to: Clear you cache brower first.

If you are unsure how to do it:

  • Go to Tools
  • Click on Internet Options (The very bottom)
  • Then click “content”
  • Under content, click “clear SSL state”
  • Click Ok


~Posh (Monkeypod44)~ 

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Club Penguin Stage Play Return: Squidzoid

The new or should I say the return of the stage play “Squidzoid” has been released July 11, 2008. What to expect in the catalog are:

  • Gamma Gal Costume, Superhero Pink Mask, and Cape
  • Shadow Boy Costume, Superhero Blue Mask, and Cape
  • Squidzoid Costume
  • Reporter Camera
  • Director’s Hat
  • Cityscape Background (New and available to non-members)
60 coins

Cityscape Background: 60 coins

Play with the Switchbox 3000 for the full effects (circled below)
Squidzoid Play Stage July 11, 2008

Squidzoid Play Stage July 11, 2008

Check out the Costume Trunk catalog without logging in below:

 And don’t forget the Super Hero Costumes do have a “special move”: You can perform this move by putting on your costume (suit, cape, and mask: remember it must be those particular ones…it does not work for the old capes or mask) and pressing your wave button next to your chat bar. See below:


If any of you were there during the premiere release early this morning you may have noticed a glitch in the system. The items were unretrievable:

Unrtetrievable Items

Unretrievable Items

Only after Club Penguin disconnected everyone’s connection were we finally able to purchase our items.

Item Purchase

Item Purchase

 This concludes my posting for today. Enjoy the new play! If you still have not completed the Club Penguin Mission 8, click here: Mission 8 guide.


Until then keep on having, lotsa’ Penguin Fun
Posh (Monkeypod44)


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Club Penguin Video & News Time July 10 2008

It’s Thursday and it’s definitely hot outside, it’s a great time to jump in the pool. But if you decide to stay in and are browsing through my blog, you MUST watch this new video by Wottles. He’s such a talent at making them that I can’t resist posting them here. Alright, here you go:


Club Penguin News Highlights & Upcoming Events

  • July 11: Squidzoid return to the stage play
  • July 18: New hidden pin
  • July 18: New furniture catalog
  • July 25-30: Music Festival
  • August 1: New hidden pin

Read the full newspaper without logging on under my “Clicker Widget” or Click here: It’s new time! 

 ~Posh (Monkeypod44)~


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Club Penguin New Clothing & Wig Catalog, New Pin: July 4 2008

 Well, Rockhopper is gone once again…setting off on another fantastic voyage! But don’t fret he’ll be back before you know it.

 New Clothing Catalog

The new clothing catalog is here, the theme this time around is what I have predicted: A Music Theme. Along with new clothing additions, it looks like older items has been added on as well. The cowboy outfits are an item return from the past.
*Click on the catalog below to view what’s in store without logging on*

Clothing Catalog: Hidden Items

1. Diver’s Helmet: Click on Diver’s Gear

2. Cheesy Tie: Click on Green Rubber Boots

3. Crystal Staff: Click on Green Emerald Hat Ribbon


4. Woodsman Hat: Click on Green Tabard

5. Red & Blue Viking Helmet: Red Viking Helmet-Click on Belt Buckle/Blue Viking Helmet-Click on Belt Buckle (open and close 4 times)


New Wig Catalog

There are also two new wig additions to Club Penguin’s wig catalog: The Suprema Diva and The Messiness. Here’s a peek of what they look like:

If you have not found the hidden item in the wig catalog yet, it is the spikette (see below):

New Pin: July 4 2008

You can find the pin hidden at the cove, under the red and yellow umbrella. (See image below):


That concludes another one of my late postings. I promise to make it up to you on the next one (I hope).

~Posh (Monkeypod44)~


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Club Penguin News Time July 3 2008, CPIP: Player Card & Penguin Mail Improvements

MyApologies for not posting…I had my grandparents over and also been out of town for the weekend. I hope you all had a fantastic 4th of July celebration! You all are probably aware of what is going on and I’m just behind the times on news but I’ve decided to post these anyways. The first thing on my agenda is:

CPIP: Penguin Mail Design Update

Penguin Mail is almost ready to launch. Club Penguin is predicting its debut to be sometime this month and even as early as next week? Penguin mail is a great addition to giving and receiving mail, imagine your own mailing system. Receiving mail when you are not online, deleting, ignoring and even being notified when you receive a mailer. This little mailbox will be placed on the left side of your screen. Below is a preview of what we are to expect: 

*Click on the image below to read the full article*



Player Card Changes

Imagine being able to categorize your player card by items…It looks like it will be all possible soon. Instead of going through your clothing, background, and pin items page by page, Club Penguin is also adding another feature that makes it easier to view and sort them. Check out what’s in store below:

Player Card Preview

Player Card Preview

Player Card Preview 2

Player Card Preview 2


Club Penguin Times News

Upcoming Events:

  • July 1-6:  “Light Up The Skies”
  • July 4: New Clothing (Rocker/Music Theme) and Wig Catalog
  • July 4: New Hidden Pin
  • July 11: Squidzoid Returns to the Stage
  • July 18: New Furniture Catalog

 Crossword Puzzle Time

It’s crossword puzzle time! It you have not completed it yet, which of course you did because I’m behind the times, here it is completed. Try it out for yourself by clicking here: I want to play too!

Completed Crossword Puzzle

Completed Crossword Puzzle

If you want to read the full newspaper without logging in, click on my newspaper widget under “Clickers”.

Until then, keep on having lotsa’ Penguin Fun
Posh (Monkeypod44)


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