Cheats & Glitches

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This will be one of the largest database of Club Penguin cheats and tips made. Please be patient while I put these highlights together and test them all for validity.

Mini Game Cheats (Click Here)


 For the complete emotes code, click here:


EW-Chocolate Ice cream EW-Chocolate Ice cream
ET-Toot (Keynote)ET-Music Note (Toot)
EP-PuffleEP-Puffle (Blue)
EI-IglooEI-Igloo {Type E & “letter” I}
EN-NightEN-Night (Moon & Stars)
ED-Sun emoteED-Day (Sun)

 How To Be A Secret Agent & Tour Guide

moderator sealHow To Be a Secret Agent

 Tourguide HatHow To Be A Tour Guide


What is nubbing?
Nubbing is being able to walk to the bottom of your screen, behind your chatbar.

“Nubbing may not work as easily for everyone. I’ve noticed it a little more difficult to do on a laptop but then again it may also be difficult to do on a PC as well. I personally use a laptop, it works for me but this move may not be easy for you and so I’ve tested various ways for you to try.”

  • First go to:
  • Make sure you are on the “big screen” mode (see below)
  • big screen

  • Press F11: A white area will appear right below your chat bar “OR” if not take your mouse and manually minimize your screen (from the side) until the white area appears under your chat bar
  • Make sure the blinking line where you start to type is showing in your chat bar
  • Drag your mouse under the chat bar where the white area is showing (keep on holding on to your mouse until you get to the bottom)
  • Then let go
  • Hopefully it will take you behind the chat bar. You should be nubbing.

Note: My image below does not show the white area, I am able to nub without it but it is easier to do this move with that white area below your chat bar.

*It may take several tries, if it does not work the first time…keep on practicing*


*I will be making a nubbing walk-through video shortly for more help* 

Nubbing 2

I don’t really consider this a cheat but this is another step to nubbing if you are unable to the nubbing move above. You can actually walk behind your chatbox but you are limited on your areas.

  • Log on to Club Penguin (The Club Penguin Main Page is fine)
  • Try this out in a room.
  • Walk to the bottom of your page on the far right of your chat box
  • Right side of chat box

  • Click on the area between” your map (right side) and your chat box (left side)
  • nubbing 2

  • You will start nubbing (you can actually dance, walk, and talk to anyone while doing this)
  • You can also do this by standing above your chat box on the “far right” then clicking between your map and left side of chat bar several times
  • You will start walking behind your chat bar

Best Rooms to do this: Pool, Cove, Underground Mine, Boiler Room, lighthouse, Town, Plaza, Pizza Parlor, Dojo (basically any room that allows you to stand right above your chat box and allows room for you to walk from one end to the other). 


Sitting Forward: (Not a cheat but always good to know)

  • Instead of using your toolbar to sit you can sit facing forward. You can also sit sideways, backward or forward (wherever you want to face) while doing this.
  • Press “S”    sit forwardsit forward 2sit forward 3sit forward4

Rapid snowballs:

  • Pressing the snowball button allows you to throw a snowball one a time
  • To throw rapid snowballs. Click on the snowball button
  • Then click your mouse and “T” quickly at the same time

Rapid Wave:

  • To wave rapidly, Click on “W” on your keyboard quickly and repeatedly.

Walking Through Fire:

This move allows you to walk through the ring of fire that is found at the cove. Normally, you are unable to go over the fire.

  • Stand to the left side of the bonfire
  • Proceed to walk through the ring of fire as you do this click on the Catchin Waves Shack several times
  • This should allow you to walk right over it

Standing/Dancing In Front Of Lighthouse Door (outside) Glitch

  • This move allows you to dance or stand in front of the lighthouse door without entering
  • Go inside lighthouse
  • Click right above the lighthouse door (inside) rapidly
  • Keep on clicking where your mouse is (you may have to do this repeatedly to work
  • You will be standing directly outside of the lighthouse door without entering it
  • This move also allows you to open and close the door without entering.
  • Standing/Dancing in front of lighthouse door without entering

    Standing/Dancing in front of lighthouse door without entering

 Dancing Between Signs/Pathway/Doorways Glitch

  • This move allows you to dance/stand/talk between the blue arrow signs without going into another room, and in front of doorways
  • To make it easy for you on the first try, stand in the middle of the room and walk towards a sign
  • Point your arrow where you want to stand
  • Right before you enter the room, click on your penguin mail (on the left upper corner of your screen)
  • You can do this in any room  with the blue arrow sign or rooms
  • This move also works at the opposite end, but you must move your mouse rapidly to the mail right before you enter the next room.
  • Dancing on Signs/Pathways, and Doorways Glitch

    Dancing on Signs/Pathways, and Doorways Glitch

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