Basic: Emotes

An overview of emotes used in Club Penguin. These are not necessarily cheats or glitches but it’s always great to know the basic codes for these emotes when playing. *These emotes can easily be done by pressing the letter first then number/letter (Example: E + 1).*

EW-Chocolate Ice cream   EW-Chocolate Ice cream
ET-Toot (Keynote)ET-Music Note (Toot)
EP-PuffleEP-Puffle (Blue)
EI-IglooEI-Igloo {Type E & “letter” I}
EN-NightEN-Night (Moon & Stars)
ED-Sun emoteED-Day (Sun)

Emotions Emotes

These are basic emotes that are found in the toolbar on the left side of your chatbox.


E1-Large Grin   E1-Big Grin (Smile) {E+”number”1}
E2-Smiley  E2-Smile
E3-Ponder   E3-Ponder (Straight Line)
E4-Sad   E4-Sad
E5-Shocked FaceE4-Shocked
E6-Tongue  E5-Tongue
E7-Wink E6-Wink
E8-Green (Sick)  E7-Green Face (Sick)
E9-Angry E8-Angry
EU-Slant Line EU-Slant Line

Action (Idea)

EQ-Strawberry Ice Cream EQ-Strawberry Ice cream
EO-Popcorn  EO-Popcorn
EL-Four Leaf Clover (Good-Luck)EL-Four Leaf Clover (Luck)
EK-Cake EK-Cake
EG-Game (Controller)EG-Controller (Game)
EB-Bulb (Idea) EB-Bulb (Idea)


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