Mini-Game Cheats

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Jet Pack Adventure

  •  Complete the Jet Pack Adventure without earning any joins and receive 1,000 bonus coins at the end of the game:


Astro Barrier

  • To skip levels in Astro Barrier: In the “Start” screen, press 1 for Level 10, 2 for Level 20, and 3 for Level 30 (You must press these numbers before pressing start):


  • Secret Levels (Basic): Wait 30 seconds before the start of the game. When the instruction screen comes up, there should be a blue ship that appears. Shoot at it, this will give you access to the secret levels.
  • Entering expert levels: Wait 30 seconds after level 30 and before level 31, wait for a blue ship to appear, then shoot at it (remember: you are limited on ammo).
  • To earn an extra life: On level 7, wait for instruction screen then click “one under example”.


Ice Fishing

  • To catch the big fish: Catch one of the little yellow fish as bait. As soon as you see him dangle the fish in front of him. *You will earn 100 bonus coins for his capture*


  • Catching a “silver fish”: To catch a silver fish you must have the “flashing lure fishing rod” in hand before you start the game. The silver fish are more difficult to catch but are worth more than the yellow fish:



 Pizza Tron 3000

  • Dessert Mode: To change your pizza mode from regular to dessert mode, switch the red lever on the bottom (see image) to the right, the dessert mode. Dessert mode allows you to earn more coins than the regular play mode.

One response to “Mini-Game Cheats

  1. james

    how do you not collect any coins on jet pack?

    Editor: Avoid collecting any coins during the game.

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