.Swf Files

 The most complete list of Club Penguin related Swf files, categorized and alphabetized. The clothing, furniture, and igloo flooring are currently being worked on. This page will be updated and improved on periodically. Credit to Trainman for helping me with this list and keeping me updated!

*I apologize for the broken links…it seems Club Penguin has removed a lot of the swf files. I will be deleting and updating my list shortly.*

Club Penguin Front Page/Basic

Club Penguin Website:


Highlightable Text:


Join Club Penguin:

Club Penguin Videos:

CP Improvement Project

New Horizon Interatctive:



Basic Penguins:



Submit a Joke, Question, ETC…:

Notice Board:

Tour Guide:

Clock Tower Information:

Treasure Hunt Help:

Club Penguin Places

Place Archives:


Basic Igloo

Club Penguin Rooms



Migrator Ship Hold:

Rockhopper Notes:


Club Penguin Mini-Games

Fair Games:

Stage Plays

Alert: For Scripts-Click and drag in to see the entire image view.

Stage 1: Space Adventure

Stage 2: The 12th Fish

Stage 3: Superhero

Stage 4: Sports Theme/Mascot

Stage 5: Egyptian Theme/The Golden Puffle

Stage 6: Encore Presentation of The 12th Fish

Club Penguin Tunes

Room Tunes:

Tunes Archive:

Igloo Room Mix

Mini-Game Tunes

Party Tunes

12 responses to “.Swf Files

  1. Hey. I updated the list alot going through every link and fixing everything up.

    The link for it is http://flashpenguins.com/Uploader/SwfList0628.txt


  2. Most of the swf links are fixed, so I will not be making a swf list anymore.

  3. Thank You Trainman for everything! You have been a huge help to me…I’ll be making my own swf files soon but I have yet to figure out how to master this program that I bought to create them. 🙂

  4. a lot dont work but cool! and what master programme?

  5. Keeps saying i took a wrong turn.

  6. it will say that its because they deleted it and since it isnt a page now it will say youve taken a wrong turn

  7. Hey, what program? I need that!

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