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Club Penguin Pin & New Stage Play September 12, 2008

The new club penguin pin is a magnifying glass and is located at the dock on the far right hand corner hidden on the pine tree.


Magnifying Glass Pin: Dock

New Stage Play

The new stage play is themed after a black and white 1950’s movie mystery called “Ruby and the Ruby”. The stage backdrop are all decked out in black and white classic decor. There’s nothing too exciting about it unless you like the classic stuff. Moving objects in the play include the filing cabinet, “lightning shades”, trash can lid, lamp shade, glass door, and there’s possible more. You can also see the yellow puffle passing by above you in the subway train. Also don’t forget to retrieve your new black and white detective background (free item) located in the “costume trunk” catalog.

Ruby and the Ruby

Stage Play: Ruby and the Ruby

Hidden Ruby Pin

To Retrieve the Ruby Pin, click on these items in order:

  1. Vase
  2. Trash Can Lid
  3. File Cabinet
  4. Book
  5. Painting

The Painting will drop to reveal a safe with the ruby hidden. Click on the ruby to retrieve your pin.

Hidden Ruby Pin Instructions

Hidden Ruby Pin Instructions

Ruby Pin (Hidden)

Ruby Pin (Hidden)


Costume Trunk (Hidden Item & Background)

 To retrieve hidden background, pull down the “How do I get coins” instruction.
Pull Down Coins Instruction

Hidden Background: Pull Down Coins Instruction

 Dark Coat: Click on Door knob

Click on door knob

Hidden Detective Coat: Click on door knob

~Monkeypod44 (Poshbabez)~


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Club Penguin Medieval Party

All the patient waiting is over! Today, May 16th marks the first day of Club Penguin’s Medieval themed party. The party will last through Wednesday, May 21st. As far as the decorations are concerened, I actually enjoyed going through each of the decorated rooms…it’s fantabulous! The decorations ranged from castles, dragons, pubs, tree-houses, stables, fortresses, and caves. I’ve interviewed a few penguins on their opinions of the party:

  • Zoeybox said “the party is ok but my favorite room is the coffee shop.”
  • Isaacmoose said “wow, this place looks great!”
  • Dash said “I like all the rooms, it looks cool.”

The Free item being given out during the party is a brown squire suit. It is located at the Dock near the spinning wheel:


If you have not received your goblet pin yet, it is located in the coffee shop above the fireplace mantel. See below:


Remember the latest clue given by Club Penguin? Most of us assumed it is a table located at the pizza parlor, well I did anyways, lol! The mystery table is actually located in the dance lounge. I guess the pizzas on the table fooled us. Here’s a sneak peek of it:


The whereabouts of the Switchbox 3000  was unkown until the party. Well, CP has moved it into the underground mines. It’s actually one of my favorites out of the party. The Switchbox 3000 controls the dragon’s movements:

  • Blue Lever: Ignites fire from dragon’s nose
  • Middle Red Button: Flaps wings
  • Right Red Button: Moves tail back and forth
  • Left Red Button: Breathes fire
  • Left White Square Button: Blinks eyes
  • Left Red Square Button: Moves arms up and down
  • Right Blue Square Button: Rolls eyes
  • Right Yellow Square Button: Snorts Steam


Here is a walk-through sneak peek of each room in Club Penguin. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger picture version of each room:

Town Nightclub Dance lounge Coffee Shop Beach Lighthouse Top of Lighthouse Mountain Ski Village Ski Lodge Ski Lodge Attic Snowfort Ice Rink Plaza Pet Shop Pizza Parlor Mine Underground Mine Tree house-Forest Cove


And lastly, I can’t end this posting without taking pictures of my guest penguins. I would like to introduce Flowersfor5 and Wildrose. From the looks of it…they seem to be having an awesome time at the party…Here they are smiling for the camera. ^_^

Flowers & Wildrose


Until then, keep on having lotsa Penguin Fun,
Posh (Monkeypod44)


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Club Penguin Free Items List Update

The Free items list has been updated. It includes a complete list of all items issued on Club Penguin, when they were issued and what event was going on at that time. I will be updating new items as they are given to keep this list complete. Enjoy…

~Posh (Monkeypod44)~


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