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Club Penguin Pin & New Stage Play September 12, 2008

The new club penguin pin is a magnifying glass and is located at the dock on the far right hand corner hidden on the pine tree.


Magnifying Glass Pin: Dock

New Stage Play

The new stage play is themed after a black and white 1950’s movie mystery called “Ruby and the Ruby”. The stage backdrop are all decked out in black and white classic decor. There’s nothing too exciting about it unless you like the classic stuff. Moving objects in the play include the filing cabinet, “lightning shades”, trash can lid, lamp shade, glass door, and there’s possible more. You can also see the yellow puffle passing by above you in the subway train. Also don’t forget to retrieve your new black and white detective background (free item) located in the “costume trunk” catalog.

Ruby and the Ruby

Stage Play: Ruby and the Ruby

Hidden Ruby Pin

To Retrieve the Ruby Pin, click on these items in order:

  1. Vase
  2. Trash Can Lid
  3. File Cabinet
  4. Book
  5. Painting

The Painting will drop to reveal a safe with the ruby hidden. Click on the ruby to retrieve your pin.

Hidden Ruby Pin Instructions

Hidden Ruby Pin Instructions

Ruby Pin (Hidden)

Ruby Pin (Hidden)


Costume Trunk (Hidden Item & Background)

 To retrieve hidden background, pull down the “How do I get coins” instruction.
Pull Down Coins Instruction

Hidden Background: Pull Down Coins Instruction

 Dark Coat: Click on Door knob

Click on door knob

Hidden Detective Coat: Click on door knob

~Monkeypod44 (Poshbabez)~


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Club Penguin Water Party: June 2008 & New Stage Play

The Water Party is here…it will run from Thursday, June 13 to Tuesday, June 17. The decorations are awesome! There are “3 free” items being given out this year, 2 are item returns and 1 is new:

cove-duck floatie yellow rubber duckYellow rubber duck: Cove

beach-shell necklace shell-necklaceShell necklace: Beach 

apron icecream apron  Icecream Apron: Plaza

There is a new room located in the iceberg. Click on the blue image on your left…it will take you to a whale room that spouts water…

iceberg-newroom-entrance  iceberg-new-room

The rooms were cleverly decorated to fit the water theme…don’t forget to check out many of the moving items in each room. Here is a preview of all the rooms on Club Penguin (Click on each thumbnails to view the image.):

water party 2008-stage water party 2008-underground mine water party 2008-town water party 2008-top of the mountain water party 2008-snow forts water party 2008-ski village water party 2008-ice rink water party 2008-pool water party 2008-plaza water party 2008-mine shack water party-dance club water party 2008-dojo water party 2008-dock water party 2008-cove water party 2008-boiler room water party 2008-beacon water party 2008- beach

*The snowballs have also been changed into water balloons.*


New Stage Play: The Penguins That Time Forgot

The switchbox3000 controls the animated dinosaurs in the stage play:

  • Purple button: Bobs orange triceratop head
  • Red button: Flying teradactyl on wire
  • Light blue button: Eating dinosaur

Stage Play Catalog

Below is a preview of the new stage play catalog. Don’t forget to get your “free volcano background” in the last page of the catalog:

stage costume1




That concludes my posting for the Water Party Intro. I would like to end this posting with my guest penguins Pinkey Pod and Ska6. They are having a grand time there!

guest penguins

Until then, have an awesome time at the party!
Posh (Monkeypod44)


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Club Penguin Times News, Issue#138

A continuation to the Coins-for-Change event. Read up on Club Penguin’s Kids helping Kids Initiative…Click on Picture below:

Global Citizenship


Here are the highlights and Upcoming events on what’s happening around CP island:


Before I start on newspaper highlights…don’t forget to check out the Summer Sneak Peak Page on D4.The pictures are movable and each word reveals a phrase

summer-sneak-peak movable pictures and phrases

Here’s an example of a phrase…


Try it out for yourself…Click here: I want to play too!


The Summer Kick Off Party is around the corner! The event starts June 13, 2008 and will be similar to the Water Party event held last year.



A new stage production is also coming up on June 13, 2008.
Subject: Back in time-Prehistory Proportions. “Are we talking dinosaurs and cave-penguins here? It sounds pretty interesting.”

June 13-Upcoming Stage


Bonus Puzzle

Here is a completed version of CP Times’ Crossword Puzzle:

Bonus Puzzle Completed Bonus Puzzle WordsCongratulations Card-Bonus Puzzle

This concludes my posting on this weeks’ news highlights. There are a lot of upcoming fun events that Club Penguin is introducing this summer. I personally am looking forward to participating in all of them and I hope you are too!

*If you wish to read the entire newspaper, click on my newspaper widget under “Clickers” or Click here: Newspaper Archive.*

Until then, keep on having lotsa’ Penguin Fun,
Posh (Monkeypod44)

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