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Club Penguin News Time: Issue 146 July 31, 2008

Club Penguin news time again and we are now on Issue# 146. The news for the end of the month. You probably see this same posting on several or should I say the million of blogs out there repeating the same words that are on the newspaper, I could do the same thing everyone else is doing or I could create my own words and give you my ideas and opinions on what’s going on. If you want to continue reading more here on my blog, then “YOU ARE A SMART PERSON”. You may actually learn something that you didn’t know about until now…Hmm, pondering moments. Isn’t that what blogs are? Alright, I’ve said enough, let me move on to the newspaper part.

Music Jam ’08 Encore

It looks like there are a lot of events going on in Club Penguin for the month of August. First and foremost, the Music Jam ’08 Party has been extended until August 5. Meaning, more time to enjoy the music at the party and searching for the Penguin Band and I will talk about them in this posting.

The Penguin Band: Unfortunately, the background are available for members only. That is sad considering non-members should be able to retrieve it as well. You can find the band roaming around the servers when this break sign is up at the “iceberg”:

  • They will appear on full or almost full (when all bars are filled in) servers
  • They will appear briefly in the VIP room backstage (Dock) 
  • Your best bet is to stay put in the VIP room until they appear (make sure it is a full server and room)

**DO NOT press Control R: You will get logged out**

Aqua Grabber News

Head To The Iceberg August 5

Head To The Iceberg August 5

Aqua Grabber Game

New Creature Addition: Aqua Grabber Game

New additions to the aqua grabber game are underway: New levels, more treasures, and more sea creatures? Well, we’ll just find out when August 5 rolls along.

 Stage Preview: Go Blue Encore

New Stage Theme on August 8

New Stage Theme on August 8

Get ready for a new stage theme scheduled for August 8, it looks like a sequel to the sports theme we had months ago. Hopefully CP will have new items as well as bring backs of the previous sports theme.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the new clothing catalog posting and the new pin whereabouts. Now I wonder what this could be. Clue: Sports theme.

August 1 Clothing Catalog Sneak Peek

August 1 Clothing Catalog Sneak Peek

 Oh, one more thing: Do you see that Rockhopper picture there on the side? Click on it to play on Club Penguin!

~Posh (Monkeypod44)~

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