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My Club Penguin Updates

No, I have not abandoned this blog. I have decided to take a different approach to it. I plan to make this a blog depicting my personal experiences with my fantastic friends on Club Penguin. I would like to apologize ahead of time if that’s what you come here for…you will still see Club Penguin updates, cheats, and, tips but it’s no longer my main priority. Honestly, I no longer care about hits…if you enjoy reading my postings than you are welcome to read it.

If you are looking for CP cheats than there are many blogs out there that you can find…mine is just sitting in limbo right now. I will post what I feel and when I feel like it. If you have not noticed already, I do edit my postings a lot and so, what you don’t see now may be up in a few hours. Anyways, I want to “Thank all of you” that come here to read my blogs…I do appreciate it. You are always welcome here. 🙂

~Posh (Monkeypod44)~


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